CAN-BIND at the 73rd Annual CPA Conference

This October, the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) held the 73rd Annual CPA Conference in Vancouver, BC. The conference is a pivotal event in the field of psychiatry, and serves as a platform to bring together experts, researchers, and clinicians to learn about new policy initiatives, and gain essential skills for clinical practice. With more than 1,000 attendees attending every year, the conference is also a unique opportunity to discover the latest innovations and breakthroughs in mental health research. Most importantly, this incredible event inspires leaders in the field to create lasting positive changes in the realm of mental health.

CANMAT Collaborations

While in Vancouver, researchers from the Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments (CANMAT) and CAN-BIND also convened for a special meeting. Aimed at sharing knowledge, stimulating discussions, exploring collaborative opportunities, and collectively influencing the future of mental health research, the meeting provided a space for colleagues to come together, exchange ideas, and drive progress in psychiatry research.

Empowering Through Digital Mental Health Resources

On October 20, 2023, CAN-BIND hosted a compelling symposium, “Supporting Effective Use of Digital Mental Health Apps and Websites in Patients and Clinicians.” The symposium aimed to educate participants on key aspects of mental health apps and websites, covering both clinicians and patients. It addressed the challenges and solutions related to teaching digital literacy to patients, particularly those with mood disorders. The session featured presentations by prominent speakers, including CAN-BIND’Dr. Sagar Parikh, Hope+Me’s Mr. Andrew Kcomt, and CREST.BD’s Dr. Erin Michalak.

Other Noteworthy Sessions

Beyond the symposium, CAN-BIND investigators played pivotal roles in various discussions throughout the conference. A session that garnered significant attention was the update on the upcoming revised CANMAT Depression Guidelines. Led by a team of distinguished experts, including CAN-BIND’Dr. Raymond Lam, Dr. Sidney Kennedy, and Dr. Lena Quilty, this session delved into the process of updating the CANMAT Depression Guidelines for 2023. Attendees gained valuable insights into the evidence review process, the role of expert consensus in shaping recommendations, and the latest guidelines for managing depression in adults.

CAN-BIND’s participation in the annual CPA Conference signifies its unwavering commitment to reshaping the mental health research and treatment landscape. A sincere thank you to our partners, collaborators, and researchers for their dedication and commitment to propelling the field towards a more promising future for those affected by mood disorders.