Episode 04: Interview with Senator and Psychiatrist Stan Kutcher on Mental Health in Canada (Part 1)

In this episode, Dr. Sagar Parikh interviews Canadian Senator Stan Kutcher on his journey becoming a psychiatrist, getting involved in teen mental health, and discussions on how the school system can take part in providing mental health care. Read transcript here

Episode 03: Nothing About Us Without Us- Community Involvement in Research

In this episode we discuss the importance of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) at CAN-BIND. We also interview 2 of our CAC members (Madeline and Michael) on their personal experiences. Read transcript here

Episode 02: Ketamine Vs ECT for Treatment Resistant Depression

Most people with treatment-resistant depression are referred for electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Ketamine is a novel agent found to also be effective. This CAN-BIND study asks the question how effective is ECT versus ketamine? Read transcript here

Episode 01: Neuroplasticity, Depression and Psychedelics

Dr. Gregor Hasler, shares some fascinating new research on neuroplasticity and the use of psychedelics (like LSD) in the treatment of depression. Read transcript here