Episode 10: A Decade of Unravelling Mood Disorder Mysteries: The CAN-BIND Research Journey

Over the past decade, CAN-BIND has led the charge in scientific exploration, pushing boundaries, challenging stigma, and conducting groundbreaking research in collaboration with patients and families.

In this special episode, join our host, Dr. Fabiano Gomes, and CAN-BIND Program Manager, Dr. Susan Rotzinger, as they take you on an exciting journey through the last 10 years of CAN-BIND’s pioneering work in depression research. Read transcript here

Episode 09: Epilepsy, Depression & Anxiety: What Do We Know?

In this episode, CAN-BIND collaborated with EpLink to create this special podcast to explore what we know about epilepsy, depression and anxiety.

Listen as Dr. Elaine Kiriakopoulos, the Director of the HOBSCOTCH Institute for Cognitive Health and Well-Being at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Epilepsy Center, discusses the current relationship between epilepsy, depression and anxiety and the type of resources and support people living with these conditions can seek.

This podcast also gives you a sneak peek into a free webinar we will be holding with EpLink and the Ontario Brain Institute that delves into why depression can happen in people living with epilepsy, what to do about it and busting some myths about treatment.

For more information, click here

Episode 08: Canadian Virtual Mental Health Care: Perspectives from Lived Experience, Psychiatrist and Researcher

In this episode, we explore the strengths and challenges associated with virtual care, including phone visits and video calls. Listen as Dr. Sagar Parikh discusses with our guests Graeme, Amanda Ceniti and Dr. Amy Gajaria on their experiences as a patient, researcher and clinician (respectively). We also explore tips and suggestions to improve the quality of virtual care in Canada. Read transcript here

To read more on our study on measuring perspectives of health care users and providers:

Episode 07: Discovery Starts with You: Inspiring Perspectives on Participating in Research & Data Sharing

In this Discovery Starts with You episode, we hear the perspectives of three women on why people participate in brain research using an open science and data sharing model: the care partner, the researcher, and the research student. This podcast was created in collaboration between ONDRI (Ontario Neurodegenerative Disease Research Initiative) and CAN-BIND (Canadian Biomarker Integration Network in Depression), supported by OBI (Ontario Brain Institute). Read transcript here

To learn more about the campaign:…erystartswithyou

Episode 06: Interview with Dr. Emma Hapke on MDMA and Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

In this episode, we host Dr. Emma Hapke, psychiatrist, and researcher at University Health Network and the University of Toronto. Dr. Hapke’s work explores MDMA and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in people suffering from severe mental health issues like PTSD and treatment-resistant depression. We discuss the latest research, the pros, and cons as well as promoting our conference on the state of psychedelic research in Canada and worldwide. The conference occurred on 21 Oct 2021 and a summary can be found here:

Episode 05: Interview with Senator and Psychiatrist Stan Kutcher on Mental Health in Canada (Part 2)

In this second part of this interview with Senator Stan Kutcher, we discuss on the social determinants in depression care, the role of policy in enhancing teen mental health, technology and finally, some tips for parents and teens. Read transcript here

Episode 04: Interview with Senator and Psychiatrist Stan Kutcher on Mental Health in Canada (Part 1)

In this episode, Dr. Sagar Parikh interviews Canadian Senator Stan Kutcher on his journey becoming a psychiatrist, getting involved in teen mental health, and discussions on how the school system can take part in providing mental health care. Read transcript here

Episode 03: Nothing About Us Without Us- Community Involvement in Research

In this episode we discuss the importance of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) at CAN-BIND. We also interview 2 of our CAC members (Madeline and Michael) on their personal experiences. Read transcript here

Episode 02: Ketamine Vs ECT for Treatment Resistant Depression

Most people with treatment-resistant depression are referred for electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Ketamine is a novel agent found to also be effective. This CAN-BIND study asks the question how effective is ECT versus ketamine? Read transcript here

Episode 01: Neuroplasticity, Depression and Psychedelics

Dr. Gregor Hasler, shares some fascinating new research on neuroplasticity and the use of psychedelics (like LSD) in the treatment of depression. Read transcript here