Education & Outreach

CAN-BIND at Science Rendezvous

What is Science Rendezvous?

CAN-BIND participates in Science Rendezvous, a nationwide initiative developed to take “science out of the lab and onto the street”. With over 300 events across 30 Canadian cities, this free festival features a wide range of demonstrations and hands-on activities to increase public engagement with science. Learn more at

Who leads this initiative?

CAN-BIND’s Science Rendezvous exhibition booths are led by a team of CAN-BIND researchers and trainees.

Past events

Science Rendezvous 2018
In 2018, the CAN-BIND team ran an exhibition booth to educate the public on sleep and depression, food and mood, the gut-brain axis, drugs and your genes, and the clinical research process. Stay tuned for a blog with photos!

Science Rendezvous 2017
In 2017, the CAN-BIND team designed and ran an exhibition booth to share insights about mobile-health technologies for depression, how different brain structures are involved in mood, how music affects brain activity, the relationship between depression and cognition, and highlights from our zebrafish research.

Science Rendezvous 2016
In 2016, CAN-BIND team members represented the CAN-BIND network at the Ontario Brain Institute’s (OBI’s) exhibition booth.