Our Team



CAN-BIND Program Executive Team, Top row, left to right: Dr. Pierre Blier (University of Ottawa), Dr. Francesco Leri (University of Guelph), Dr. Faranak Farzan (CAMH), Dr. Roumen Milev (Queen’s University), Dr. Kenneth Evans (Indoc Research, Queen’s University), Dr. Peter Giacobbe (University Health Network), Dr. Stephen Strother (Rotman Research Institute), Dr. Jane Foster (University Health Network, McMaster University), Dr. Claudio Soares (St. Michael’s Hospital, Queen’s University), Dr. Daniel Mueller (CAMH), Dr. Aleksandra Lalovic (St. Michael’s Hospital), Dr. Benicio Frey (McMaster University). Bottom row, left to right: Dr. Raymond Lam (University of British Columbia), Dr. Glenda MacQueen (University of Calgary), Dr. Sidney Kennedy (University Health Network; St. Michael’s Hospital), Susan Rotzinger (University Health Network, St. Michael’s Hospital), Janice Pong (University Health Network), Dr. Sagar Parikh (University of Michigan; University Health Network), Dr. Gustavo Turecki (McGill University), Not pictured above: Dr. Joanna Yu (St. Michael’s Hospital)



CAN-BIND Scientific Innovation Team (SIT) Left to Right: Dr. Ronald Duman (Yale University), Dr. Trevor Robbins (University of Cambridge), Dr. Barbara Sahakian (Cambridge University), Dr. Helen Mayberg (Emory University), Dr. Madhukar Trivedi (University of Texas Southwestern)



CAN-BIND Community Advisory Committee (CAC)


Toronto, Ontario

University Health Network (UHN)
Name Role in CAN-BIND
Sidney Kennedy, MD CAN-BIND Program Principal Investigator
Peter Giacobbe, MD, MSc UHN Site Principal Investigator, CAN-BIND Co-Investigator
Maryam Al Shirawi, MD Clinical Research Fellow
Kishwar Ali, BSc, CCRP Research Administative Coordinator
Anusha Baskaran, PhD Former Trainee
Thenille Braun Janzen, PhD Trainee – Postdoctoral Fellow
Terri Cairo, BSc CCRA CCRP SoCRA Clinical Research Manager (Downar Lab)
Jonathan Downar, MD, PhD CAN-BIND Co-Investigator
Trehani Fonseka, MSc Research Associate
Jane Foster, PhD CAN-BIND Program Financial Manager, CAN-BIND Co-Investigator
Keith Ho, PhD Candidate Ontario Brain Institute Neuroinformatics Intern
Helia Ghanean, MD Research Associate
Adam Kagan, BSc Knowledge Translation Coordinator
Jason Leng, MSc Research Associate
Madeline Li, PhD Research Collaborator
Mary Pat McAndrews, PhD Research Collaborator
Shane McInerney, MBBS, MSc Staff Psychiatrist, Research Collaborator
Roger McIntyre, MD CAN-BIND Co-Investigator
Sagar Parikh, MD CAN-BIND Co-Investigator, Knowledge Translation Platform Lead
Franca Placenza, PhD Lead Clinical Research Coordinator
Janice Pong, MSc Research Manager, Communications Lead
Rae Price, MSc Research Manager
Susan Rotzinger, PhD CAN-BIND Program Manager
Laura Schulze, MSc Trainee – PhD Candidate
Kattleya Tirona, BA, CCRP Clinical Research Coordinator
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
Name Role in CAN-BIND
Daniel Mueller, MD, PhD CAMH Site Principal Investigator, CAN-BIND Co-Investigator
Timothy Allen, PhD Trainee – Postdoctoral Fellow
Daniel Blumberger, MD, MSc Research Collaborator
Tricia DaSilva Administrative and Research Coordinator (Ravindran Lab)
Jeff Daskalakis, MD, PhD Research Collaborator
Paul Dhami Trainee – PhD Candidate
Faranak Farzan, PhD CAN-BIND Co-Investigator, EEG Platform Lead
Natalie Freeman Lab Manager (Mueller Lab)
Nancy Lobaugh, PhD Research Imaging Scientist
Margaret Maciukiewicz, PhD Trainee – Postdoctoral Fellow
Victoria Marshe, MSc Trainee – PhD Candidate
Martha McKay Research Associate
Missy Maher Research Coordinator
Premika Premachandiran, BSc Research Coordinator
Lena Quilty, PhD, C. Psych CAN-BIND Co-Investigator
Arun Ravindran, MD CAN-BIND Co-Investigator
Stacey Shim, BSc Research Coordinator
Thulasi Thiruchselvam, MSc Trainee – PhD Candidate
University of Toronto
Name Role in CAN-BIND
Ana Andreazza, PhD Research Collaborator
Michael Thaut, PhD Research Collaborator
Gustavo Scola, PhD Trainee – Postdoctoral Fellow
St. Michael’s Hospital (SMH)
Name Role in CAN-BIND
Sidney Kennedy, MD CAN-BIND Program Principal Investigator
St. Michael’s Hospital Site Principal Investigator
Amanda Ceniti, BSc (Hon.) Trainee – MSc Candidate
Nicole Edgar, BSc (Hon.) Research Coordinator
Cassandra Francella, BSc Research Assistant
Aleksandra Lalovic, PhD Research Manager
Vijay Narasimhan, PhD Trainee – Postdoctoral Fellow
Tian Renton, MSc Trainee – PhD Candidate
Sakina Rizvi, PhD CAN-BIND Co-Investigator
Brock Schuman, PhD Trainee – Postdoctoral Fellow
Anum Shivji, MSc Research Coordinator
Claudio Soares, MD, PhD, MBA Executive Lead, Strategy and Partnerships
Xiao-Yan Wen, MD, PhD CAN-BIND Co-Investigator
Joanna Yu, PhD Research Manager
Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI)
Name Role in CAN-BIND
Benjamin Goldstein, MD, PhD Research Collaborator
Mikaela Dimick, BA Research Assistant
Ariel Silver, MSc Research Assistant
Rotman Research Institute
Name Role in CAN-BIND
Stephen Strother, PhD CAN-BIND Co-Investigator, Neuroimaging Platform Co-Lead
Stephen Arnott, PhD Research Associate
Mojdeh Zamyadi, MSc Research Associate


Hamilton, Ontario

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
Name Role in CAN-BIND
Benicio Frey, MD, MSc, PhD St. Joseph’s Site Principal Investigator, CAN-BIND Co-Investigator
Gésine Alders, MSc Trainee – PhD Candidate
Sondos Ayyash Trainee – MSc Candidate
Sarra Bahna, PhD Trainee – Postdoctoral Fellow
Marg Coote Research Assistant/Technician
Lauren Cudney, MSc Clinical Research Coordinator
Andrew Davis Imaging Coordinator
Jodi Gilchrist, MSc Research Assistant/Technician
Geoffrey Hall, PhD CAN-BIND Co-Investigator
Rachael Horne, BSc Trainee – MSc Candidate
Luciano Minuzzi, MD, PhD Staff Psychiatrist, Research Collaborator
Roberto Sassi, MD, PhD Staff Psychiatrist
Anastasiya Slyepchenko, BSc Trainee – MSc Candidate


Kingston, Ontario

Queen’s University
Name Role in CAN-BIND
Roumen Milev, MD Queen’s University Site Principal Investigator, CAN-BIND Co-Investigator, Clinical Outcomes Platform Co-Lead
Christopher Bowie, MA, PhD CAN-BIND Co-Investigator
Donald Brien MRI Research Associate
Casi Cabrera, MD Staff Psychiatrist
Simone Cunningham Trainee – MSc Candidate
Mike Einspenner Research Coordinator
Harriet Feilotter, PhD Research Collaborator
Kate Harkness, MSc, PhD CAN-BIND Co-Investigator
Ruzica Jokic, MD Staff Psychiatrist
Dusan Kolar, MD Staff Psychiatrist
Raymond MacNeil, BSc (Hon.) Clinical Research Coordinator
Lauren Mak, MSc Trainee – MD/PhD Candidate
Alina Marin, MD Staff Psychiatrist
Raegan Mazurka Trainee – PhD Candidate
Marianne McGuire Administrative Manager
Samantha Senyshyn, BA (Hon.) Research Coordinator
Craig Spencer Clinical Research Coordinator
Kathleen Walker Clinical Research Coordinator


Guelph, Ontario

University of Guelph
Name Role in CAN-BIND
Francesco Leri, PhD University of Guelph Site Principal Investigator, CAN-BIND Co-Investigator
Stephen Daniels Trainee – PhD Candidate
Maria Fernanda Fernandez Trainee – Postdoctoral Fellow
Thomas Horman Trainee – MSc Candidate
Meenu Minhas Trainee – PhD Candidate
Alexandra Storace Trainee – MSc Candidate


Ottawa, Ontario

University of Ottawa
Name Role in CAN-BIND
Pierre Blier, MD, PhD University of Ottawa Site Principal Investigator, CAN-BIND Co-Investigator
Maria da Silva Administrative Manager
Mostafa El Mansari, PhD Research Associate
Jennifer Phillips, PhD Research Associate


Montreal, Quebec

McGill University
Name Role in CAN-BIND
Gustavo Turecki, MD, PhD McGill Site Principal Investigator, CAN-BIND Co-Investigator, Molecular Platform Lead
Raoul Belzeaux, PhD Trainee – Postdoctoral Fellow
Laura Fiori, PhD Trainee – Postdoctoral Fellow
Vanessa Larivière Research Assistant
Rixing Lin Trainee – MSc Candidate
Germaine Lowe, PhD Research Coordinator
Volodymyr Yerko, PhD Lab Manager


Vancouver, British Columbia

University of British Columbia
Name Role in CAN-BIND
Raymond Lam, MD UBC Site Principal Investigator, CAN-BIND Co-Investigator, Clinical Outcomes Platform Co-Lead
Esther Alonso-Prieto, PhD Research Coordinator
Colleen Brenner, PhD Research Collaborator, Site Co-Investigator
Jennifer Brown Research Coordinator
Patrick Carolan, MA Research Coordinator
Trisha Chakrabarty, MD Trainee – Medical Resident
Vanessa Evans, BSc Research Coordinator
Killian Kleffner, MSc Trainee – PhD Candidate
Jennifer Lewis, MD, FRCPC Staff Psychiatrist
Mario Liotti, MD, PhD Research Collaborator, Site Co-Investigator
Alex McGirr, MSc, MD Trainee – Medical Resident, PhD Candidate
Michael Ni, BSc Research Coordinator
Chris Pang, BSc (Hon.) Research Coordinator
Tanya Poitras, BA/Bed Research Coordinator
Cristina Rubino, MSc Research Coordinator
Edwin Tam, MD, FRCPC Staff Psychiatrist
Astrid Vik, MD, FRCPC Staff Psychiatrist
Fidel Vila-Rodriguez, MSc, MD, FRCPC Research Collaborator, Site Co-Investigator
Cindy Woo, BA Research Coordinator, Site Manager


Calgary, Alberta

University of Calgary
Name Role in CAN-BIND
Glenda MacQueen, MD, PhD UCalgary Site Principal Investigator, CAN-BIND Co-Investigator, Neuroimaging Platform Co-Lead
Jean Addington, PhD Research Collaborator
Signe Bray, PhD Research Collaborator
Fil Cortese, MSc Research Associate
Kiran Grant Trainee – Undergraduate Student
Jacqueline Harris, MSc Clinical Research Coordinator
Zahinoor Ismail, MD Staff Psychiatrist
Catherine Marshall, MSc Clinical Research Coordinator
Mhairi Mitchell Research Assistant
Holly Underhill Administrative Manager
JianLi Wang, PhD Research Collaborator


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Dalhousie University
Name Role in CAN-BIND
Rudolf Uher, MD, PhD Dalhousie University Site Principal Investigator
Beth McDougall, MSc Clinical Research Coordinator


International Researchers

Name Role in CAN-BIND
Stefanie Hassel, PhD (Aston University) Research Collaborator
Tim Salomons, PhD (University of Reading) Research Collaborator
Juan Pablo Lopez, PhD (Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry) Trainee – Postdoctoral Fellow
Sagar Parikh, MD (University of Michigan) CAN-BIND Co-Investigator, Knowledge Translation Platform Lead