Data Science

Platform Leadership

Rudolf Uher, MD, PhD

Active Sites

Our growing team of data scientists is located at the following research sites:

  • Baycrest Rotman Research Institute (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  • St. Michael’s Hospital (Toronto, Ontario)
  • University Health Network (Toronto, Ontario)

Collaborating Research Institutions

  • University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario)
  • University of Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta)

Platform Overview

The Data Science Platform is guided by the question, “Which individual will benefit most from which treatment?” Using both hypothesis- and data-driven approaches, this platform conducts complex analyses on integrated datasets from across all CAN-BIND platforms with the aim of predicting individual response to depression treatments and defining depression subtypes.  We are hopeful that these findings will lead to the development of tools that can accurately and efficiently guide treatment selection in the clinic and accelerate the discovery of new treatments. To achieve these goals, CAN-BIND’s multidisciplinary Data Science Platform includes experts in computational psychiatry, machine learning, biostatistics, and network biology.