CAN-BIND Trainees work with a CAN-BIND Principal Investigator at one of the participating sites. CAN-BIND has employed close to 100 trainees since 2011, and the numbers are growing.

Trainees work with CAN-BIND researchers on specific projects that vary from site to site. This multidisciplinary program offers opportunities in basic science, neuroimaging, genetics and functional genomics, data science, knowledge translation, and many other research areas. The ultimate goal is always to inform the care and treatment of depression, and there are many different ways that trainees can contribute to this goal.

In addition to a particular research project, trainees will benefit from the collaborative, multidisciplinary nature of the CAN-BIND program. As a Canada-wide program, CAN-BIND offers the opportunity to build a cadre of mentors, from Principal Investigators with similar research interests as trainees, to peer mentors who can lend support and advice. Participation in conference calls, specialty meetings, and the annual program-wide workshop are all opportunities to learn and contribute to the network.

Trainees are valued members of the CAN-BIND program and have been integral to the success of our research, educational, and outreach initiatives.